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Explosions! Tons of Weapons!! Big Bosses!!! Crazy Vehicles!!!! Alien Destruction!!!!!

Play through over 40 hand-crafted action levels with 5 crazy vehicles! Destroy aliens with a Taco Truck, use the power of rainbows and collect coins! Features include:

*Over 40 unique levels

*Large variety of enemies to keep you entertained, frustrated, and delighted!

*Unleash your rainbow power to clear the screen!

*Upgrade your vehicle's firepower, health, and power ups!

*Turn down the game's music and listen to your own tunes while playing!

*Five unique full screen bosses ranging from a barn with arms to a dinosaur skeleton!

*Earn 3 stars to receive a special bonus!
11-10-2012, 05:52 AM
It's quite a challenge to get 3 stars exactly what I like and when you do there is a little bonus always nice to have. You want to keep earning more coins so you can upgrade your vehicle or buy a new one makes me feel like i'm always working towards something and keeps me busy. And I really like that there is a boss fight at the end but the only thing I'm missing is the story other then that great game.
11-20-2012, 04:54 PM
Thanks for the comments. I am really glad you like the game. I had a full story and was going to have a cinematic in the beginning, then it turned into a simple in-game animation, then a comic, then text, then it basically disappeared. I spent a lot of time on the game and had to cut something out. I am sorry I had to do it and I am sorry you are missing out on the story.

I had so many additional things that I wanted to add, and so many things had changed since the start of the project. Originally is was a tilt-to-move and touch to move a crosshair, then it became a dual-stick shooter, and finally it became the version you have today.

I tried to include some easter eggs as well. The game has sold very poorly but those that have bought it seem to enjoy it. I have not given up on it. I will still promote it and update it, but it does sadden me a little, I admit.

Anyways, try touching some things...the title screen, certain things in the air, who knows