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App description: Bite humanz, eat brainz, don't trip on banana peels!

Awesome news: Zmbi is now FREE!

Zmbi is a fun and hilarious endless zombie walker/limper game.

Play as zombies! Run rampant, eat brains and bite humans to turn them into zombies! Be alert of the obstacles though. Your zombies will literally lose their heads if they hit trash cans, dumpsters, banana peels, road cones, mailboxes, phone booths, barricades, or even humvees.

Eating brains is healthy for zombies. Eat 3 brains and your zombies will become bigger, badder and faster, and they can obliterate everything in their path. Collect human heads to get helpful bonuses such as more zombies, encounter more humans, encounter more brains and faster big zombies.

- Unique and fun gameplay
- Hilarious death animations per obstacle
- Gorgeous retina pixel art graphics
- Collect human heads for bonuses


gambitph's comments:

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Creating this discussion thread since the upcoming thread was already closed
11-13-2012, 10:22 PM
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Hey everyone,

I've gotten a lot of people asking for more features in the game.. and after a ton of brainstorming, we have some good news! I'm going to update the game this coming weeks and a lot will be added that will enhance the gameplay experience!

To name a few new features:
- Flying zombies will be added (non playable), these guys will appear every so often carrying a human, brain, or a powerup. If you throw an obstacle to them, they'll grab it add it to your trophies and drop the item he was previously holding.

- Powerups! power ups are brought by flying zombies and will be kept in your inventory when your zombies get them. You can use them when you want by tapping the power up. The inventory isn't limitless though, you can only keep 2 at a time. Powerups can be unlocked by completing objectives in the game.

Here're some powerups:
1. Slow-mo (slows down the zombies temporarily)
2. Vomit (zombies vomit gross acidic things that can melt obstacles)
3. Finger of Doom (tap obstacles to obliterate them)
4. And more...

- Trophy system. This is for the collectors! Obstacles given to flying zombies will add trophies to your collection. There are trophies for every obstacle in the game. Your trophy will start off as bronze, and as you collect more, they'll turn to silver, then gold. Collecting all gold trophies will unlock some goodies

- Perkz! Perkz (think of CoD perks) give some power to your zombies during a run. You can choose up to 2 perkz before you play. More perkz can be unlocked as you do objectives. Here're some of the perkz available for equipping:

1. Eating 2 brainz will turn your zombies to big zombies (instead of 3)
2. Force push (when an obstacle is about to hit you, it will be force pushed away once)
3. Start at 1000 ft.
4. And more...

- Tons of objectives! Objectives include: hitting a number of birds (birds are new in the next version), diving into a number of dumpsters, tapping a number of lampposts, etc. Completing objectives will unlock new powerups and new perkz.

Whew! That's a lot of new features. For the readers, kindly support us by commenting on this thread and suggesting ideas on what to add in the game.

I'm thinking of also holding a contest for a few iTunes gift cards when the new version gets released. So stay tuned!!
11-14-2012, 01:06 AM
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Pinoy Devs

Hi gambitph! glad to see pinoy devs out there ayos! i've tried the zmbi game when it was first released, and it has a lot of potential. hope you can add more zombie characters, just cosmetic even, so to have a variety of zombies moving in the screen
11-14-2012, 08:35 AM
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Hey Reweblind! It's good to see Pinoys here in TA!

Thanks for the suggestion! Let me see what I can do with that, maybe I can add in different colored skin tones and hair
03-04-2013, 01:52 AM
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This looks good. Will most likely check it out today.