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iPhone: Rex Rooster: Eggsterminator

11-12-2012, 10:58 AM
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Rex Rooster: Eggsterminator

Rex Rooster: Eggsterminator Released.

Pocket Gamer:
Rex Rooster formerly named Cock Blocker started off as a game based on a gimmicky title and a joke developed by two former GameHouse Studio employees in their spare time.

The developers - Roel & Ruud - Resubmitted the game as Rex Rooster: Eggsterminator.

Gameplay of Rex Rooster: Eggsterminator takes place in a peaceful henhouse that is flooded by hungry predators once its fence is breeched during a freak storm.

Players control the titular Rex Rooster, who defends his roost by firing eggs at waves of hungry cats, foxes, wolves, and bears.

As players successfully defeat these waves of predators, they earn coins that can be used to purchase specialty chicks which lay super-powered fire or ice eggs.

Initially, Rex Rooster: Eggsterminator will offer three level packs each with unique enemies to fight. The developers also plan to release more level packs - with even more predators to battle - in future updates.

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Gameplay Trailer

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The teaser video