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Danny Trejo's Vengeance co-starring Steve Wozniak

11-14-2012, 10:25 PM
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Danny Trejo's Vengeance co-starring Steve Wozniak

No, it doesn't entirely make sense to us, either. And yet, here it is: Apple co-founder (and Segway enthusiast) Steve Wozniak is going to feature in an iOS game with action star Danny Trejo. ITN FLIX's and React Games' lengthily-worded Danny Trejo's Vengeance (Woz With A Coz) will have Woz trying to rescue his wife with Trejo's help, plowing through enemies with guns and, naturally, machetes. We're working to find out just what prompted the use of Woz's image for an out-of-character role -- other than an attempt at drumming up press for the game's Thanksgiving launch and a somewhat related 2013 movie, of course.

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