Leadwerks 3 begins closed beta test

11-16-2012, 06:23 PM
Leadwerks 3 begins closed beta test

Leadwerks 3 is a new game engine purpose-built for mobile. By building the entire platform on pure native code, Leadwerks aims to bring a new level of performance and flexibility to 3D mobile games.

After two years of development, the team is now beginning a closed beta test. Select members of the community will provide feedback and testing so that final bug fixes and refinements can be made.

You can sign up to our [url="http://eepurl.com/rN_Ln"]mailing list[/url] for up to date information as we finish up development of the new Leadwerks. Visit [url="http://www.leadwerks.com"]www.leadwerks.com[/url] to learn more.