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[Promo Codes] Cato's Hike update 1.2 coming next week!

11-21-2012, 12:29 PM
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[Promo Codes] Cato's Hike update 1.2 coming next week!

Update 1.2 coming soon including a manual for the game, there is so much to do! Please tell your friends that have kids or teens that may want to play something fun! Also, anyone that would like to review the beta before release please contact me More changes coming!

Cato's Hike is a game to teach kids and teens (and adults) basic coding and programming using a fun card-based interface. The puzzles are fun, teach logic and range from trivially easy to really hard. You can solve any level the straight-forward way or using actual programming techniques which makes it much more interesting for older kids, but younger kids will still get to have fun and learn something along the way. Not many games take the player out of the game and makes them think about it abstractly up front rather than controlling the player directly which is why this is so special!

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Check out the home page for Cato's Hike for more screenshots and updates.


- added a help screen/manual
- 2 new tutorials and 2 new levels
- play and preview maps straight from map editor
- added support for emailing programs to share with your friends with a picture of it so they can see your genius!
- add/remove columns even from topmost row or leftmost column of card layout, just ignores modifying the start card
- display message when importing of programs or maps successful and fix imports that would crash
- stop button restarts level
- move custom maps to top of list when editing maps so you can see your maps first
- improved icon
- move fullscreen to far right on iPad to make a little space
- adjust widths for iPhone 5
- save map when don't enter name and you get naming popup instead of requiring another save button press
- fix bug where dropping a flag may also drop keys or gems, etc...
- send feedback and rate me buttons in the about screen
- many more small tweaks and fixes

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Thank you so much, i use - 39RW97EN9NW9
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Thanks !!!
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