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iPhone: Yushino! You add 1+1, You add endless new friends... free on iphone!

11-22-2012, 06:14 PM
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Yushino! You add 1+1, You add endless new friends... free on iphone!

Yushino is a new iphone game that's here to prove that Numbers are the New Words.
No more dictionaries, no more playing only with native English speakers... speak up the universal language of numbers and play a game with people from Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Australia, USA, even Argentina and Greece!

Yushino is the game and the world is your field game - from your fb friends to the other side of the world.
Download here free:

The rules are simple: You add. You score. Yushino!
As long as you can tell that 1+1=2, you can be the next top name on the Yushino Leaderboard!

The rules are simple.
Rule #1. A "word" of two numbers is valid, as long as they differ by one digit, eg. 12 or 98
Rule #2. Try larger "words" for more points. A "word" of three numbers or more is valid, as long as the last number is the sum of the previous two, eg. 2358 (2+3=5 and 5+3=8)
Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WYdP_9-HR0

As you get better, so does the game. Smart yourself up, challenge your friends, make new ones, chat a lot, and get advice from the Coach on your moves!

Enjoy the game, enjoy the friends, enjoy feeling really smart and social!
Enjoy Yushino!