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Free Music Production Available: “How Can I Help?”

11-24-2012, 09:48 PM
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Free Music Production Available: “How Can I Help?”

Free High-Quality Custom-Music For Your Video-Game Creation And Design

Good day,

This is Composer and Producer Sekrett Scilensce—I’d like to announce my music-production services availability (for all parties interested)—before concluding to the samples below, I’d like to state that my goals are to obtain work and relationships (without overt assertions to anything economical or monetarily discouraging)—most requests can be handled as ‘credited’ “free of charge” collaboration(s).









All material is composed and produced ‘in-house’. Both “free” and ‘fee-based’ production includes recording, mixdown, mastering, and finalization. Delivery formats commonly include .AIFF - .WAV - .MP3 (128-320 kbps) and Dual-Mono .WMA (when required). In cases where 8-Bit styled sounds are requested, processing through SX (PCM), SiD, and YM synthesis is available (free of charge).

* All works performed will be no different in class or caliber from the materials available in the samples. We will thoroughly discuss your desires before any production begins. *

When a fee might occur:

Items such as ‘exclusivity’ may or “may not” incur a fee (heavily discounted from standardized fees). If your scenario were to require a complete SMPTE grid (or similar) then a fee would apply, naturally (but I don’t foresee this).

* Expectations to timeline/deadline coordination could incur a fee (which would be kept minimal and within reason to your budgets and considerations). *


Please contact and briefly discuss your development, needs, and goals with me. You will be notified quickly as to whether or not your request(s) can be accommodated at that time.


I’m honored and proud to serve the community and hope to help others as much as possible in realizing their fullest ambitions in video-game creation and design. Feel free to contact me. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to any communications received.

Respectfully and Sincerely,

- Ss
02-22-2013, 05:01 PM
Joined: Nov 2012
Location: US - UK - DE - JP
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Free Music Production Services Update #1

Good day,

Thanks for continuing to Create Great Games and Concepts -- Below is a list of Music Compositions completed 23rd, November 2012 through 19th, February 2013 (some Score and Auxiliary materials are included) -- Several developments are on-hold whilst others have been canceled by the Developers; while the listing is incomplete, it should be utilized as a source of extended portfolio samplings -- The following are Non-Paid Works:

"What One Warrior Saw" (MP3)
"What One Warrior Saw" (Score PDF)

"Outer Space Combat" (MP3)

"Puzzle/Word Game Theme" (MP3)

"Dawn of Uncertainty" (MP3)
"Dawn of Uncertainty" (Session Scraps MP3)

"Space Exploration Cue" (MP3)
"Space Exploration Tension Cue" (MP3)

"Character Theme I" (MP3)
"Character Theme II" (MP3)

"16-Bit PCM Credits Theme" (MP3)
"Arcade 8/16 Bit Word/Puzzle Game Tension Cue" (MP3)
"Space Music PCM/Chip Theme" (MP3)
"8-Bit Rocker" (MP3)

"Castles and Armies" (MP3)

"Code Red" (MP3)

"Late and Early Cue" (incomplete MP3)
"Late and Early Cue" (incomplete Score PDF)

"I Smash Mine" (MP3)

"Horror Soundscape" (MP3)
"Horror Soundscape Variation I" (MP3)
"Horror Soundscape Variation II" (MP3)

"Mary's Singing Flutes" (MP3)

"Card/Puzzle Game Theme" (MP3)

No Employees of (TouchArcade) or Community Members were harmed during the production of these titles (or at least, that's what the public is told)...

Thank-you for listening.


- Ss