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iPad: “Slide to Answer HD” – Extremely Fun Game by Webelinx Came to iPad

11-27-2012, 08:56 AM
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“Slide to Answer HD” – Extremely Fun Game by Webelinx Came to iPad

Two Players Mode Now Available – Users Can Compete with Their Friends and Prove Who’s the Best Player of the Most Addictive Game Ever

Webelinx took one of their most popular iPhone games and made it available for iPad, giving it only one, but essential, extra feature. In addition to Single Player mode, users now can choose the mode Two Players, organize tournaments and enjoy playing this game with their friends.

“Slide to Answer HD” has kept all the best features of the preceding iPhone version. Users still get to answer those amusing and a bit confusing questions that made the game so funny by moving slider to true or false as fast as they can. Also, there are still the distracters, only now the player gets to use them to confuse the opponent. Player can make the opponent’s questions move faster, change the places of “true” and “false” to distract the opponent from giving the correct answer and make the opponent’s part of the screen “crack” which makes the reading of questions more difficult. Also, there are still the superpowers that will help player stay in game longer, such as freeze, slow and auto answer. Player that runs out of time first loses the game, so players have to avoid giving incorrect answers and use superpowers and distracters as often as they can to throw their opponent out of the game. This addictive game can be downloaded from iTunes.

Slide to Answer HD can be found at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slide-to-answer-hd-multiplayer/id573506586?mt=8


Think correctly and slide quickly!

You believe you're quick-thinking and dexterous at the same time? Prove it by answering tricky TRUE/FALSE questions!

Or challenge your opponent and prove that you're unbeatable! Don't let him distract you by the superpowers!

✔ Addictive and super fun game!
✔ The questions look easy, but beware: they can be catchy!
✔ The longer you play - the faster the questions move!
✔ Choose the mode you prefer - test how skillful you are or challenge your friend to play against you!
✔ Answer correctly and earn superpowers that will benefit you: Slow, Freeze, Auto Answer, and that will distract your opponent: Crash, Switch, Speed Up!
✔ Pay attention to the timeline: answer correctly to get more time and avoid mistakes to stay longer in the game!
✔ Slide towards TRUE or FALSE and have fun!