Space Escape - Amazing 3D Shooter!!

11-28-2012, 03:18 PM
Space Escape - Amazing 3D Shooter!!

Hello, I wanted to introduce new 3d action game for iOS devices - Space Escape.
Game will be a bit similar to games like Alien Breed, but with few twists. There will be simple tasks to complete, there will be some weapons upgrades, it will be possible to buy some automated turrets,mines, barricades and traps.
There will be few more things that we will keep as the secret for now.

Amazing 3D graphics with special effects :
- Refracting glass
- Dynamic lighting
- Bullet trails
- Light shafts
- Heat hazes
- Post processing
- Normal Mapping
- Specular reflections
- Enviromental mapping
-Adwance Omni Lights
-Parallax Mapping

Game features:
- Intense action with hundreds of enemies
- Multiple weapons with upgrades
- Puzzles
- Hidden Treasures
- Missions with Isometric view and First person perspective
-Mech Controls


Coming 2013

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11-28-2012, 03:21 PM
Embedded for convenience. And this should really be moved to the Upcoming iPad Games section. Looks awesome btw.

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Aargh thought this was out as you put this in the wrong section originally!