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Beta Testers Wanted For B.O.R.G. - Free Gift!

12-01-2012, 10:05 AM
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Beta Testers Wanted For B.O.R.G. - Free Gift!

B.O.R.G. Basic Organic Recall Game is a free mobile game for iPhone, iPad, Droid, Nexus, & Kindle platforms.

Want To Beta Test B.O.R.G.?
Join TestFlight.com and apply to the B.O.R.G. Beta Test Program!
Help us test the game and get a free gift!

B.O.R.G - Basic Organic Recall Game

B.O.R.G. is unlike any other board game you have ever played. Why? Because every turn is the result of the input of both players! In B.O.R.G. it is ALWAYS YOUR TURN!

Players receive colored marbles each turn based on the intersection of the Row selected by one player, & the Column selected by the other player. If the marble from that square has already been taken, a Power Rule on the square tells the player how to receive a marble. Collecting 3 of the same color marble scores points. Collecting all 4 of the same color marbles scored more points!

Since the Marbles and Power Rules are randomized at the beginning of every game, every game of B.O.R.G. is a new challenge. Being able to predict and anticipate your opponents Row & Column choices will give you a strategic advantage. Remembering where Marbles and Power Rules are located can give you a tactical edge over your opponent.

B.O.R.G. has single player game and campaign options, as well as multi-player play through Game Center, Google Play, Game Circle.

Play against 4 unique AI opponents each with their own style of play.

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Do Robots Play?

What do robots do on their time off? Do they simply sit around calculating, or do they go into some sleep mode? If they were social, what would they do together?

The concepts of robots at play is the foundation of B.O.R.G. If robots did play a game, what would it be like? Clearly it would have to be modeled after human game concepts since human games would be the only games they would have any knowledge of. It would also probably be used to test or compare; computing power, AI, recall speed, and logical tactics. Finally, it should probably be extremely re-playable since the lifespan of a robot or android could be quite long!

This was the idea behind B.O.R.G. - Basic Organic Recall Game. It is a game that demands the player's attention at all times because it is always both players turn. Here is a game that combines the skills of memory, strategy, wit, & deceit for both robots & humans!


Single Player With 4 AI Opponents
  • 4 AI Opponents each with its own risk profile for a variety of different challenges.
3 Difficulty Settings
  • Easy - Color Hints On. Can See Opponent's Orbs.
  • Medium - Color Hints On. Cannot See Opponent's Orbs.
  • Hard - Color HInts Off. Cannot See Opponent's Orbs.
2 Player Multiplayer

Available for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Droid, & Kindle Devices

Release Date:
  • Dec 22, 2012