Autumn Dynasty Universal - iOS RTS (Due: 13 Dec 2012)

12-01-2012, 11:58 PM
Autumn Dynasty Universal - iOS RTS (Due: 13 Dec 2012)

Hi everyone!

I'm Travis, one of the devs on Autumn Dynasty. We've been a little quiet for awhile, but that's because we've been working on an all-iOS universal version of the game!

Youtube link | Pop Up

Youtube link | Pop Up

We've worked hard to redesign the user interface from the ground up to accommodate smaller screens, as well as make it universal for iPads, iPhones and iPod touches. Matches between iPads and iPhones are now possible, and mostly fair-- depending on skill level. We've also added a new instant action Blitz mode which I hope you might enjoy!

Those who already own the game will receive the universal version for free, and we're working with Bulkypix to do a price drop on launch day. If you're thinking of getting it, you might want to wait for the day itself (13th Dec) to make a purchase. No in-app purchases on this one.

- Full Real-Time Strategy experience: train units, construct buildings, research upgrades
- Intuitive gesture controls: Paint orders directly onto the battle map
- Beautiful, oriental style painted maps: Thousands of soldiers fighting onscreen
- Universal Multiplayer across iOS devices: iPad vs iPhone vs iPod Touch over Bluetooth and Internet
- Voice chat and Gamecenter Achievements
- Unlock unique special abilities to turn the tide of battle
- New instant action Blitz mode!

On iTunes: (iPad only until 13th Dec)

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12-02-2012, 03:51 AM
That is great, have been waiting forever to get this game. The screenshot shows iPhone 5 support obviously, but what about previous devices?

12-02-2012, 04:00 AM
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I just bought this last week when I got my new ipad and its a brilliant rts. I haven't even finished the story mode yet but it's the controls and graphics that are brilliant.
12-02-2012, 07:40 AM
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I am excited about checking this ot on my iPod; thanks for making it universal!
12-02-2012, 08:43 AM
This will be amazing on my new ip5 haha! Great!
12-02-2012, 01:09 PM
I can't wait. I've been waiting and hoping this would be universal. Day one purchase from this guy.

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12-02-2012, 11:29 PM
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One of the iPad releases I have been waiting the longest and hardest to see ported. Together with the already released Bastion, the possibility of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for smaller screens, and the long-lost promise of the Aquaria devs to consider an iPhone port, all I really need to to not have to glare in jealousy at iPad owners is for Jeff Vogel to follow the example of all these great, and above all, progressive devs.

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12-03-2012, 05:11 AM
@EnterNexus: We've been working hard to make it compatible with previous devices-- the old ones have different maximum texture sizes. We've tested it on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 4G.

@oooooomonkey: Thanks! We really appreciate it!

@bramblett05: Yes, it does work on an iPod touch! In the video, the white device 0:33 is a Touch 4G.
12-05-2012, 02:23 AM
Just as an update, here's a brief preview of the new Blitz mode, which allows players to skip the buildup and get into the action more quickly!

Youtube link | Pop Up
12-05-2012, 03:27 AM
this is my goty hands down and the best rts on ios. im still playing this game. we need more of this. keep up the good work :-)