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After 20 years of chat, finally there is something new - hoozin!

12-09-2012, 01:12 PM
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After 20 years of chat, finally there is something new - hoozin!


The basic experience and design of messengers has never changed.
From the geeks of the comodor 64 to almost each one of us with facebook - we all use the same long and boring list of messages (feed)…

After 20 years of linear, stream based messaging, hoozin, a new start up company brings innovation. The young company has been secretly developing a very unique group-messaging app in the past year.

The result is Hoozin - the first mobile app that lets you “hangout” with your friends on the mobile device just like you do in real life.

hoozin has new way to represent the group which changes the entire experience of the chat.

when using hoozin you actually feel like you are sitting in the same room with your friends - you can always see the group members and you can constantly see who’s online and who’s typing. When a user becomes online he says Hi, when he leaves he says Bye.
Second, hoozin has some amazing features:
• Whisper a secret to one (or more) of the group members so your messages won’t always need to be sent to the entire group. Great feature if you like to gossip!
• Fun animations – you can actually throw a tomato or give a kiss to someone from your group.
• Roulette – Can’t decide who’s bringing a car? Spin the roulette and let it decide for you

Hoozin first version is now available for the iphone, besides the features, the great uniqueness of hoozin is in its design and user experience

We believe in making people feel closer to one another; hoozin is all about the people, it is designed (at it’s core) for a joint experience that feels as natural as real life
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