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Tile Drop - Free Universal Puzzle Game Coming 12.12.12

12-10-2012, 03:58 AM
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Tile Drop - Free Universal Puzzle Game Coming 12.12.12

The rules for Tile Drop are simple: Swipe. Match. Remove. Win!

1. *Swipe* to move ALL tiles in the swipe direction
2. *Match* colored tiles to remove them
3. *Remove* all colored tiles within the move limit to *WIN*!

Playable Web Version

Now it's hard to make a sliding tile puzzle game look good in a video but I've given it a couple of tried below. However, instead I've created a playable web version so you can see exactly what the game is like.


Tile Drop - Trailer

Tile Drop - Game Play video

Additional Description:
The first update comes with three Challenge Puzzle-Packs containing 24 puzzles each. Complete these and unlock the Mini-Pack generator so you can create your own mini-packs to earn hints.

Tile Drop also includes the puzzle editor that I used to make the game. So you can add your own puzzles to the Tile Drop puzzle pool and earn even more hints!

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