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Poker by Happymagenta [Q1 2013]

12-10-2012, 05:01 PM
(The most beautiful) Video Poker by Happymagenta [03/21/2013]

Early access gamers and testers are welcome - see below for more details


Hi, guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,

You might wander "What’s the catch?" and why to create yet another one of a zillion Video Poker games – and the answer is simple – because it is so much better in many ways.

Well, so how exactly it’s so better?

The difference, as always, is in details - tap screenshots to see them in full, real life resolution and you will see what I mean.

It took us several long months to draw a custom card deck and to polish the game – we hope you’ll love it.

If you prefer nice to touch laptops and iOS devices from Apple made of aluminum and glass to a zillion of "want-to-be-an-iPhone" plastic devices, that game is for you – as soon as the game is out, it’s time to replace outdated, low quality Video Poker apps with this, the most beautiful one.

The sleek art and UI isn’t just the only good thing about our Video Poker.

The interesting and challenging is the country vs. country competition, if you play online with Game Center. As you normally play, you play for your country – your score added to a global, total score or your country. So, playing for yourself on your own pace, in the same time you raise your country in a global worldwide rating.

The game doesn’t suffer from the infection of many todays’ games – the aggressive IAP. Normally depending on your poker skill you can unlock all levels within a few hours during a normal gameplay. And, if you lose all the poker chips, you will get a small bonus to be able to instantly get back to playing.

Sincerely yours,
Happybyte of Happymagenta

Early access gamers and testers

Contact us via Facebook, Twitter, email or PM me in the forum here.

As a bonus, in addition to the early access to the game, you'll get promo codes to our apps and games - plus the real deck of our cards printed with finest quality possible delivered to you.


f ~ http://facebook.com/Happymagenta
t ~ http://twitter.com/Happymagenta
@ ~ info@happymagenta.com

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03-13-2013, 02:42 PM

Gameplay & Trailes

Turn on 720p HD for better experience

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03-13-2013, 02:54 PM
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I like the detail on the cards! Random thing to appreciate, but I do. I might give it a shot
03-13-2013, 05:09 PM
Originally Posted by colbycheese View Post
I like the detail on the cards! Random thing to appreciate, but I do. I might give it a shot

P.S.: A note about non agressive IAP

There won't be an agressive IAP policy.

Actually, we hate IAP ourselves - so, in this game we specifically made the IAP unneccessary.

In the game, if you lose all chips, you'll get a compensating bonus right away, that will allow getting back to playing instanly.

Chips here are needed to unlock levels.

You can win enough chips to unlock levels normally playing a coulple of hours, if you will use a standard video poker strategy - as the game implements a real random shuffling algorithm - no shuffle tricks to make users pay real money.

And, there is also a doubling bonus, which allows winning much faster - I saw my friend having won 93k in just as low as 15 minutes having 1k chips as a start, drinking tea in my kitchen

The option to buy chip of course exists, but is left solely to the user - in case he loves the game and wants to thank devs or in case he wants to instantly unlock higher levels.

So, our specific purpose was to make a nice video poker game that:
1) could be played offline on a players own pace
2) would have an option to compete in game center
3) won't have an agressive IAP
4) be the most beautiful Video Poker game out there
5) won't implement card shufflung tricks to make it useful for training

Originally Posted by A quote from our press-release
A non-aggressive in-app purchase policy is a pleasant surprise. Players are in a no way forced to spend money, unless they want to instantly jump into a high stakes levels. An amount of in-game poker chips necessary for the most effective play is achieved via a normal gameplay, and, in case all chips are lost, a free pack of chips comes as a bonus to get to back to playing instantly, with no extra waiting.

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03-15-2013, 08:45 AM
iTunes app Promo codes are ready to be send out tonight.

The game will normally install in iTunes as with a common promo code.

You will get a release version of the game a week before others.

Codes will be given to first 30 people only who will send me an email to the address written in the above post.
Those who already wrote will also get codes tonight.
Drop me a mail now - there are still some free codes left.

Others will have to wait a week until the official release.
03-20-2013, 07:56 AM
The game is out in NZ already

If you are willing to post impressions, please, do this in the ready games thread: