App description: James Chimp needs you!

The secret agent and his mentor, Charles "Chief" Chimp, welcome you to the Central Banana Agency. Here, you can become the next secret agent in the quest to defeat Dr. Orange the evil orangutang, and his band of gorilla misfits.

Tap, match and memorize your way through a shooting arcade to hone your secret agent skills. It's addictive, rewarding and you'll experience a unique way of gaming

Play. Achieve. Read.

PLAY the game!
ACHIEVE the objectives!
READ the first issue of The Adventures of James Chimp comic!


- 3 games and multiple difficulties
- 30+ achievements
- Issue #1 of The Adventures of James Chimp comic
- Leaderboards
- GameCentre support
- Full retina graphics support
- Easy tap gameplay

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[NOTE: The HD version appears to be no different from the normal. It's not universal, it doesn't support any more devices and is more expensive]
HD Version:

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