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  • Publisher: Funkoi Ltd.
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 167.5 MB
  • Version: 1.7.2
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: More than 2 MILLION downloads worldwide on all devices! Join in on the fun!

PadGadget - "if you like a challenge, then everything about this game screams, Awesome!

Take control of an experimental spaceship and blast enemies from all around
you in this exciting, fast-paced space action game.

Enjoy jaw-dropping visuals and effects as well as an original sound track
that will bring you into space for the ultimate battle.

Alpha Zero is a unique new take on the classic 2.5D scrolling shoot em up. The game has unique controls, beautiful graphics, and awesome boss-fights.

Forget about on-screen joysticks, this is a game made for touch input and should redefine some of your assumptions of hard core gaming on a mobile device.

Alpha Zero is looking to redefine the mobile Shmup. - gamezebo

Fast and furious action
Amazing special effects and beautiful 3D graphics
Unique backgrounds for every level
Natural multi-touch gameplay
8 challenging missions and boss-fights (more to come)
35 different enemies
Numerous upgrades and special weapons.
Over 15 ship skins
Full epic soundtrack
Three challenging difficulty levels (cadet, ace and elite)
Campaign story-line, fully voiced and subtitled
Universal game, optimized for retina display iPhones and iPads

Get the game before our sanity returns, along with the normal price!

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Visit www.alphazerogame.com for information about the game and upcoming updates.

Echoseven's comments:

12-12-2012, 07:04 AM
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Looks good, sounds good but i'll wait for some impressions before I dive in. Especially on the "Unique controls".

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12-12-2012, 07:33 AM
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I posted these in the upcoming thread, but I'll post them here as well;

Alrighty... I've had a little bit of time to mess around with this, and... So far, it plays surprisingly well. Granted, I am playing on the iPad, so there's a lot more real estate for the multitouch control scheme, but the way the game plays, I think it would feel just fine on the smaller iPod/iPhone screens.

You're able to move your ship with semi-relative touch control. On the iPad, if you touch anywhere within about an inch of the ship, you'll have control of it. It's also 1:1 and mighty responsive, with perfect ship placement, even after very spastic back n forth movement.

Shooting is done kind of like Wonton 51; touch the screen and hold down where you want to fire. You're also able to split your shot in half and shoot in two directions at once, though this isn't optimal most of the time because of the resulting low firepower.

So far, the game has also introduced missiles that work kind of like Space Deadbeef's; drag over the enemies, and the missiles automatically fire.

Switching between regular shot and missiles is done by tapping icons at the top of the screen.

Also, switching between left and right hands for ship movement is fluid and easy...

There are no checkpoints, and you're allowed a couple hits before dying. Health bar is in the top right corner. I haven't messed around looking for upgrades or anything... But will ASAP, though it might not be until tomorrow. Right now, the no checkpoint thing only kind of irritates me because I've died at the end of the first level twice, and had to go back through the story and tutorial each time I restarted. Maybe the story/tutorial segment could be split up and separated from the 'actual' beginning of the first stage to help with the slight frustration of dying during that stage.

Any other questions, just ask, and I'll do my best to answer them... But there's no finger intertwining, and the game FEELS pretty natural on the iPad. Definitely a lot smoother and comfortable than I imagined it playing. =o)


K... played a bit more...

There are IAPs, but it doesn't feel like the game is pushed towards them, or like a grind at all. You do get to keep all the currency (rare metals) you earn in each stage, even if you die before completion.... by the time I completed the first stage, I had about 7k in currency (after dying twice with about 1,500 currency each time and then completing the stage my third time through)... But again, I'm not really far enough into the game to fully judge this ATM.... guess we'll see. =oP

The upgrades included are reasonably priced - so long as the currency you earn in each stage increases along with the upgrade prices, it shouldn't be too bad. You can also replay stages for a better ranking and more currency if you're so inclined. There are different skins for your ship, but not different ships, and the skins don't do anything but give a different cosmetic look. However, you are able to upgrade your weapons quite a bit, as each has 10 possible 'levels' to upgrade to. You're also able to purchase more weapons ontop of the two that you're given in the first stage (Vulcan Cannon and Missile Launcher) - a Plasma Cannon, Laser Cannon and Plasma Bomb.

You can also purchase upgrades for your ship - Armor, Shield (auto recharge over time), Tractor Beam, Mineral Extractor (gains you more metals per ship destroyed) - and... though I'm not really sure how I feel about it ATM, a Score Multiplier. The Score Multiplier is a heafty purchase though, and is most likely intended to be bought at the end of the game so that you can go back and replay through levels for score. It's priced at 100,000 coins.

Selective difficulty - 3 levels and a 'soon to come' 4th difficulty level.

If you're curious, IAPs are priced as follows;

$0.99 = 20,000 coins
$1.99 = 50,000 coins
$4.99 = 200,000 coins
$9.99 = 500,000 coins
$19.99 = 2,000,000 coins

There is no currency doubler.

MegaSean, it's great to hear that the iPhone version pushes more of the action to the right side of the screen - and the graphics, as you might have been able to tell from the trailer, are pretty damn nice, and the story flows and integrates with the game well. The voice acting was pretty surprising, and well done, especially when compared to other iOS titles with this feature.

Again... if anyone has any questions - just ask and I'll do my best to answer them. =o)

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12-12-2012, 08:35 AM
Joined: Jan 2011
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THANKS S.V , you know me...and if you don't I'm just like you...most shooters end up on my device...so your review is just enough for me to feel more positive about a game I know I'm buying anyhow

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12-12-2012, 08:56 AM
Joined: Jul 2011
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This is the only game (so far) today that looks interesting.Thats fine,after last week my wallet can use a rest.
12-12-2012, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Trev1 View Post
THANKS S.V , you know me...and if you don't I'm just like you...most shooters end up on my device...so your review is just enough for me to feel more positive about a game I know I'm buying anyhow
No problem-o...


Aaaaaaaaaand... regarding the difficulties -

The first time you play through a stage, you can only play on Normal - but after you complete it on Normal, you can play on Medium - which earns you about 2X the coins as it did playing through on Normal, which REALLY helps you outfit your ship with some better gear.

The levels are split up into sections of 4 - with bosses at the end of each stage, and then a 'major' boss at the end of each 4th stage - after you complete each segment of 4 stages, you can go back and replay those 4 stages on Hard difficulty, so long as you've completed them on Medium - which again, earns you 2X the currency as playing on Medium and 4X the currency as playing on Normal...

The differences between difficulties is fairly large - even in the first set of levels. Medium difficulty is great, and I'm just starting on Hard, and you can color me impressed. =oD

So long as the controls hold up, this game is going to be a blast.

Also... using the split shot (cutting your main projectile in half) becomes more useful after you've upgraded the weapon a bit, and are playing on the harder difficulties... it's great plowing through the enemies with low HP 2 at a time...

I'm definitely diggin this one ATM. =oD

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12-12-2012, 09:43 AM
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Void, mind telling us how big this is uncompressed? Thanks.

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12-12-2012, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by metalcasket View Post
Void, mind telling us how big this is uncompressed? Thanks.

Just checked, and was VERY surprised considering the download is 271MB - seems they didn't use any real compression -

Installed it's 275MB

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12-12-2012, 09:49 AM
Is there a lite version?
12-12-2012, 09:51 AM
Hi, actually we compressed the game ourselves to make sure it was as small as we could get it. That is why the game does not become smaller when we posted it on the App Store.

We will try to make it smaller for our first update but polishing the game, adding more content and adding more languages, etc. might get in the way.

Edit: To clarify, the game is $1.99 in US (and $2.59 in NZ I believe).

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