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Bouncy B - an inverted endless runner.

12-12-2012, 07:27 AM
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Bouncy B - an inverted endless runner. (Universal)

Hello everyone.

The reason I call it an inverted endless runner is because unlike all the runners out there where you need to walk and jump from platform to platform, in this one you are constantly falling and you have to land on the platforms or fall to your shameless defeat.

Your two moves are:
lift from below: gives the ball an impulse from below
smash: instantly sends the ball downwards, smashing the cloud beneath it.

Didn't implement any obstacles, since the gravity and the cooldowns on your moves are enough to provide a challenge, in my opinion at least. I could replace cooldowns with obstacles, but that would be just boring

If you have any suggestion/feedback/criticism, please let me now.

Please either use the large frame on the embedded video, or the 1080 settings on the youtube page.

Youtube link | Pop Up

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