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App description: UNIVERSAL APP
Super fun and addictive action game for the whole family!
iPhone 5 support just added!

*Super responsive accelorometer controls*
*Addictive fast paced gameplay*
*Beautiful hand painted HD Graphics*
*Beautiful Fluid animations *
*Tons of Upgrades and Power-ups*
*Share the score to Twitter and Facebook*
*Bouncy sound FXs and catchy music score*

******** 20 GameCenter Achievements ********
****************Get Them ALL!!*****************

Enjoy this fast paced endless sailing game. Get Captain Pocky to the treasure before the evil, and greedy Inky Captain gets to it. Be aware! Obstacles and Inky pirates will try to stop you from getting to your gold!

Get all the upgrades for your boat and use the power-ups available to you to get to your goal, and become the richiest, happiest, and smallest pirate in all the 7 seas!!!

DeviArt's comments:
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Pocket-Pirate was designed to be a fun, intuitive, and, most of all, addictive iOS game the whole family can enjoy. It brings together the different input options that the iOS devices provide, by combining accelerometer controls, gesture recognition, and tap sensing to challenge the player’s reflexes in an enjoyable and fun way.
You play as Captain Poky, an ambitious little pirate who dreams of getting to all the riches in the 7 seas, so that he can be a famous pirate with the most beautiful little pirate boat. The only problem is… Captain Inky has the same dream! And he will use his minions (the inkies, little purple octopus creatures) to try and stop our hero. Can you get to the chest before Captain Inky grabs it first!?

This is the first game by Truka Games.

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  • Beautiful HD Graphics : Beautifully painted maps, with fluid animation, flashy effects and bouncy sound effects that will make you smile!
  • Coinage: Grab coins as you make your way to the chests! Each chest will provide you with a lot of coins, depending how many you previously grabbed.
  • Upgrades : Purchase upgrades for your cannons so that you can achieve an even better high-scores by shooting down targets on the map as you travel.
  • Power-ups : Buy power-ups that will increase your chances to get the highest score.
  • Social Media Integration: Post your high scores on Twitter and Facebook to impress your buddies.
  • In-App Purchase: All in-app purchase of gold coins, which can also be acquired by playing the game .These are in there as an option for people who want to be the best little pirate they can be faster than their friends.
  • 20 Game Center Achievements: Challenge yourself and your friends and gather achievements for your Gamecenter profile.

12-28-2012, 06:28 PM
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Pocket-Pirate X-mas gift!

Hey guys and gals,

Pocket-Pirate x-mas gift for all the great Touch Arcade members. 20 Promo codes for Universal version of Pocket-Pirate v1.1 !

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Truka Games, LLC 2012
Pocket-Pirate v 1.1 - Universal
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R4PXXAMPTPTE - taken. Thanks!

01-13-2013, 02:48 AM
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Pocket Pirate now FREE for a limited time.

Pocket-Pirate v1.1 now free until version 2.0 comes out next month! Grab it while it lasts!

Truka Games, LLC 2012
Pocket-Pirate v 1.1 - Universal
01-27-2013, 08:48 PM
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Thank you!

Thanks for the support with Pocket-Pirate. The game has been downloaded 800 times since it's release in November 2012.

We've decided to keep the game free to make sure everyone gets a chance to try PP and stay tuned for our new releases!

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Pocket-Pirate v 1.1 - Universal