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What about "Brand Integratation in Game" ???

12-29-2012, 11:28 PM
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What about "Brand Integratation in Game" ???

Happy New Year wishes to all,

Integrated Branding is the use of identity, website, email, print collateral, etc. to make your target market associate your particular company with your product or service. It is an organized structure that presents a consistent message throughout all of your marketing efforts. It allows your business to speak with a consistent, unified voice.

Integrated brand marketing on social media provides marketers, entertainers and others with a vehicle to reach as-yet untapped consumers.

Brand integration can occur within various levels of a game. When it comes to brand marketing, social games offer a much deeper level of integration than print, television or radio because of their interactive nature. From labeled in-game items to entire games structured around a household name, an increasing number of brands have entered into partnerships with social game developersóbut what roads lead to higher success rates and lasting social impact?

The key to increasing consumer awareness is integrating brands that have aligning values with the game itself. It has to make sense for the two to work in tandem and ultimately be a win-win for both the game and the brand.

Unilever recently signed a deal to advertise a range of goods in Facebook games. The "The Sims Social" game, which engages 16.4 million people per month, now includes Dove soap and Magnum ice cream, which encourages users to earn rewards for using Unilever products.

Lady Gaga took this a step further with GagaVille, which made quests, prizes and free music a part of FarmVille for a limited time to promote her May 2011 release Born This Way.

So, we should go through with this new dimension of game promotion & branding. Isn't it??

How we can integrate branding in our game? Express your valuable opinion.

Thanks for your Patience to read this long post.