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New Star Soccer - Become A Legend!

12-30-2012, 08:32 PM
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New Star Soccer - Become A Legend!

New Star Soccer - New Star Games

Price: Free (Full game in-app purchase of 0.69)
Played On: iPhone 4
App Store Link: Click Here!!

[For all American readers, the term football will be used instead of soccer, don't get confused!!]
New Star Soccer is one of the games that was recommended to me by my mate and boy it blew me away... for a while at least.
The games story is that you are a new 17 year old football player that has been recognized by the lower leagues of your country that you decide to play in and your goal is to get more famous and become a better player so that you can be part of the best team in your country's highest football leagues and even have the chance to play for your nation!
Your player has 5 attributes that can be improved in the duration of the game which include; Pace, Power, Technique, Vision and Free Kicks. Improving all of these attributes can make the game play in matches much more easier and much more fun as you can score cracking goals from well far away and do amazing curling free kicks around your opponents defense! You have to be weary of your energy levels though, if they get low your boss might not want to put you on the pitch!
From playing well you can improve your relationship with a number of different groups of people; Your boss, your team, your fans, your sponsors and your girlfriend! Yes you can get a girlfriend in this game, you have to keep your morale high somehow, but don't let her get in the way with your career or your boss might not be happy and decide to sell you if she distracts you from the football!

Lets put this simply, Play well, Improve your game, Keep everyone happy, and you can become a living legend!

The graphics in this app are nothing compared to other bigger football games out there such as Fifa13 but the retro touch that has been implemented into the matches gave it a real arcade style that I love to see from games like these, it is easy to see your men against the opposition and it does the job for the 10 seconds that you see the pitch when it's time for your action, take a look for yourself...

I think this simple design really catches the eye of the casual arcade gamer which this game is this games target audience. Also when you are in the menus of the game (about 75% of the game!) I think that the design is very simple and easy to read and nothing about it is complicated and it is easy to navigate about what you want to be doing weather it's checking the league table, or buying a private jet to impress your girlfriend, the interface is really user friendly and the graphics are clean, crisp and simply enjoyable to look at.
From the second screenshot which is the home screen you can see that the navigation around the game has been really well laid out with all the navigation buttons at the bottom, valuable information about yourself at the top of the screen and extra information about in-game boosts you can buy for your player which are all laid out in a way that doesn't clutter up your screen and make it look complicated.
Overall the graphics of this app are really good for what it is, it does not compare to some higher end games like I previously mentioned, but the arcade style does bring out the best in what this game is all about.

This unfortunately is what I rated worst about the game but it doesn't mean that is necessarily bad, what I found out about this game is that there for a start isn't a soundtrack or backing track, so that makes the game quite quiet in the first place, unless you got your own music on of course, but also I thought the sound effects that are in the game are really simplistic and basic. A small noise for when a button is tapped, a swoosh transition for menu screens, a kick of the ball when you are playing a match and a small cheer from the crowd if you miss or score. I don't think there are many other sound effects other than that, which in my opinion does make the game seem a little thin sometimes, but what else could they add for sound effects in this game? So again I think the developers have tried to make an effort with the sound but I think an improvement would be to add a quiet soundtrack to the game would give it more depth and leave it from feeling basic.

Now, on an iOS device, how are you going to make a football game like this playable? Well the design of the controls of play in this game I think are really good!
During a match you will see a screen like in the first screenshot that commentates the match and at specific points in the match, the team will need your intervention with the ball so when it comes to you, you'll see a screen like the one of the pitch earlier, and to make a pass or a shot you must pull back on the ball to the direction and power you want to go, shown by the arrow coming out of the ball and once you let go, you will see a ball either still, rolling or flying through the air, and in all cases you must tap the ball at the right angle you need for the ball to travel in the direction you want.

To begin with those controls can be quite complicated, but after a few games, you'll get in your head the physics of the ball and where you need to tap it to get those perfect curling free kicks or maybe that cheeky chip over the keeper's head. Overall I think the controls just about make the game and really give it the arcade character it wants and most of all, if you score a screamer of the goal, you get the satisfaction of that you scored it yourself by getting the precise angle, direction and power!

I say this game is probably one of the most addicting games I have ever purchased on my iPhone, from the time I got it I was glued to this game and almost nothing could get me off it!
What really made it fun for me is that I enjoy the fact I started low on the English league system (Blue Square North/South) and I had to improve my player to get him higher up the ranks and leagues and play well to get pay rises and eventually I made it high enough so I could play for England and I am almost ready to win the World Cup for our country!! (Oh I wish we could do that in real life...)
Also like I said in the controls, the way you have to play this game is super fun and it is always a challenge as you will never be in the same situation twice, so you have to think about what you are doing every time to make sure you get it right! Also the interface when outside the match is really smooth and simple so even when outside of the pitch I can enjoy improving my attributes and relationships.
There is one downside that is starting to affect me.
I've reached my prime, I'm at the top. I have everything. What now?
That is where I think the fun in this game starts to drop, as you are wondering what you can do in the game to make it last longer, although I'm not going to let it affect the rating as this game is incredibly fun and you cannot get to the top in one day!

New Star Games are quite cheeky, they advertise the free game on the App Store, but after opening the app I get a message, "after 10 games you can purchase the Career Mode pack!"
Fortunately this game is only 0.69 in the UK (other currencies will have to check themselves as I am not sure) and I think for a game of this caliber, even with it's arcade style, is really worth that spend! The amount of time and fun you can get out of it for the price of lower than a bottle of CocaCola is really amazing!
So is it value for money? WELL DUH!

Summing it up
Well after spending the best part of an hour until 1:30am writing this post, I think it's fair to say only a great game would deserve the time for me to stay up that late and write a big review about it.
In simple its a really fun game that you will get addicted to and its a great value for money.

The good bits;
+ It's super fun
+ It's addicting
+ Easy to play
+ Value for money

The bad bits;
- When you reach the top, what to do?

From re-reading all of the above, I'm going to give this game a solid 4/5!
Sorry if this first review I've done is a bit pants, but I tried to write this best i could, I'd appreciate any and all feedback as replies or as PM's!

Thank you all for reading!
Brandyboffin x

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