App description: "Brigands and Barbarians HD is quite a good JRPG as there are lots to discover in the kingdom of Charedon." --

Brigands and Barbarians HD is the RPG that bring dragons, treasure, and old-school adventure to your iPad! Choose from avatars including Barbarian, Brigands, Archer, Wizard, Thor, Mystic Princess, or Sorceress. Defeat the evil goblins, elementals, and dragons as you cleanse the lands of Charedon of their evil stench!

* Seven playable Avatars, including Mystic Princess and Thor
* Amazing Fantasy Cartography
* Hunting Dogs, Hawk, and War Horses
* Gazers, Goblins, Dragons and more
* Castings, Ranged, Melee, Avatar Powers
* Huge fantasy map of Charedon
* New combat system in the style of JRPGs
* No Avatar Profession restrictions on weapons or armor

In the game you simply press the option you want, for instance in combat you select any of the Weapons, Spells, or Options listed, to attack with a Sling just touch the description of the Sling, then press Sling Reload to put a new bullet in the sling, to drink a potion just touch the Healing Potion text.

To move you Avatar in combat or on the map just press the Arrow buttons.

Only you through the power of your wits can save this land. Wait no more and dare to enter this land of adventure!

Tons of old-school RPG action that runs great on all iPads.
01-02-2013, 05:11 PM
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Didn't see a thread for this game from the Touch Arcade app so started one.

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Some promo codes for Version 1.2:


Adventure On!
01-02-2013, 07:17 PM
I used code YJJW9RXJXPN6. Thanks. Will give it a go tonight.
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Hope you enjoy the adventure, update with undead pirates coming soon. I am number 247 in role-playing games need more ratings and reviews to get ahead of a hamster RPG
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I used 33R4N7EWW6MJ. Thanks!

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Two more codes for iPad app users


Adventure On and thanks for letting me know u got the codes, moved up to 209 and past the hamster!
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Version 1.3 with Skeleton Pirates is out today, Adventure On!
01-08-2013, 09:51 AM
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Code for V1.3

Promo Code for V1.3: JRAYM6H9XJHW

BandB-HD runs great on all iPads including iPad1 and mini

Let me know what new content you would like to see, and thanks for the support so far, going to keep this app on sale for next two months Adventure On!

Brigands and Barbarians HD
02-05-2013, 07:11 PM
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Promo codes


Version 1.5 is submitted includes less page turns for hunting and storms.
Fire Bolt will now do double damage to Forest Elementals.

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