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Great Opportunity for a Flash Programmer!

01-03-2013, 04:10 AM
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Great Opportunity for a Flash Programmer!

Hello indie gaming community!

Wanted: ActionScript 3 programmer(s) with true passion for creating unique games!

There's a great opportunity here for any ActionScript programmer(s) interested in teaming up with an artist to make some truly memorable, unique games. Starting modest, then building up in scope and complexity over time, we have a business plan forming to tackle an overflowing notebook full of detailed, completely original design docs for games. Our newly-formed company is focussing on artistry in gaming, with attention to detail and originality being paramount. The amount of games we have fully fleshed out on paper is a landslide of creativity demanding to be unleashed!

My name is Matt, and I'm a seasoned artist with a variety of experience in both digital and analogue art forms. I have a fine arts degree from The San Francisco Art Institute, a life-long passion for games, and a very fortunate track record of winning modest awards for my artistic endeavors. (I will gladly share various samples with any interested individuals outside of these forum threads.) After working for a while as an artist in a small, rather traditional mobile app company, I've now gone indie, and I've dedicated my every waking moment to pursuing my own artistic gaming visions. The game concepts and artwork, for me, are the easy part. I currently only have a novice understanding of ActionScript 3, and therefore not enough coding skill to do this on my own, but i can very clearly communicate the inner workings of these projects with a knowledgable programmer. So I'm reaching out to the programming community to see if any of you are inspired to hear more about these opportunities for collaboration, with the end goal of having many, many games released out to various marketplaces. Along with creating the detailed design documents for each game, I will also provide the initial Flash project files, complete with imported artwork, organized assets libraries, etc. I will be available to work closely with you 24-7, supporting you and your work in whatever capacity you may need.

Let us hear your desired compensation, any particular area of expertise or interest regarding your programming talents, and whatever level of involvement you ideally envision for your dream collaboration(s). Then we can begin the back and forth Q and A about what exactly this company is getting up to, and see how the conversation goes from there.

We are really excited to hear from you, so don't be shy all you amazing, creative programming geniuses!

Thank you for taking the time,

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