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App description: An original action game with puzzle elements, cartoony graphics and fast action!

"Simple, fun, delightful. (...) Recommended to all fans of the genre. Whatever that genre might be." 8 out of 10, IGN Italy

* Control up to three cat-shaped trucks to fight rat infestations in fifteen different levels.

* Colorful cartoony graphics and addictive quirky soundtrack.

* A score system that rewards skillful players by combining shooter-style combos and the constantly increasing difficulty of puzzle games.

* 15 levels featuring three different scenarios.

* A variety of modes and gameplay mechanics, including boss battles and a mind bending endless mode.

slewis7's comments:

This game is a few months old, but lacks a thread here. I watched a favorable youtube review of it by TangentLP and decided to give it a try. It has a few technical flaws on my iPad (graphics do not fill the entire screen; fails to handle screen orientation), but the game play makes up for it. It is a simple, frantic and challenging game that is worth a close look for the low price. I like it.