Masquer - Photo editing master

01-08-2013, 03:57 AM
Masquer - Photo editing master

Masquer, launched by ArcSoft last year, is a brand new photo blending app that lets you blend any two ordinary photos into one 100% creative and original composition in a simple but fun way.

Thanks to its auto blending mode, all you have to do is three steps

Step one: upload two photos
Step two: brush the object on the top image that you'd like to blend
Step three: move the object you brushed on anywhere of the base image

Then Masquer will help you output the creations in less than a second. You don't need to further adjust the brightness, contrast and hue, the output blending effects are already satisfying.

Yeah, Masquer enables you to be a photo blending master. You can either create artworks for sharing with families and friends or for collections.

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