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App description: Roller coaster tracks and jumps meet the classic wooden labyrinth maze.

- NEWS: Now more than double the levels and two quests! More coming in FREE update.

- You must keep the marble from flying off roller coaster tracks and falling into holes.

- You must jump the marble over walls and chasms.

- Advanced 3D graphics seldom seen in mobile games, including fully dynamic shadows and lighting. All objects cast shadows that realistically move as your device moves, helping to create the feel of natural light. And Labyrinth Lunacy is fast enough to run at the maximum possible 60 frames per second on all supported devices.

- Compelling physics. The ball rolls and sounds like a real ball.

- Hours of family-friendly fun. Parents, with their superior patience and perseverance, often do better than children---and enjoy helping them. Players can compete for the best time.

- Testing has shown that four year olds and great grandparent-aged relatives can beat the earliest levels. But other family members will want to help out with the challenging later levels.

- Logic and steady hands: you'll need both!

- The final levels are HARD---you are warned! One must master rolling the ball so slowly that it barely moves.

- This game is loved most by those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity, who believe that "less is more." You simply have attractive wood before your eyes and a little ball that makes pleasant rolling and wood-clacking sounds. You hear the famous beginning of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony when you first beat a level, or when you beat the level's best time. Everything was designed to create a tranquil experience.

- The game loads very fast and so do the levels. There are no progress bars you have to wait through. You don't even need to tap the title screen to start playing. The ball appears as soon as the game loads and you're ready to start rolling on the title screen roller coaster. You select levels by rolling the ball onto level numbers.

- You're actually reading this far into the description? That probably means you're patient and thorough and take the time to do things right. You'll enjoy this game!

labyrinthlunacy's comments:
Labyrinth Lunacy: Roller Coaster Marble Maze

Roller coaster tracks and jumps meet the classic wooden labyrinth game.

- Truly 3D roller coaster tracks and gameplay.
- Fully dynamic shadows and lighting.
- Instant immersion: no annoying menus: the game starts right up with the ball rolling. The game can be beaten without ever tapping the screen or using a menu. (There is a minimalist pause UI when the screen is tapped.)
- Real skill needed: the developer grew up playing old-school 8-bit NES games, some of which were HARD, but which activated the brain's reward centers when one finally succeeded after the 100th try, creating an addictive euphoric sensation one can never get with easy games that are just a bunch of pretty cut scenes.


Minimalist website (I do 3D graphics, not websites!)

Youtube (amateurish video taken with my laptop - hope a pro reviewer beats me at making a better video):

I quit my job doing 3D graphics for sonar visualization in order to make this game. It's my first. The quality is very high, though. Well, I guess I'll let you guys be the judge! : )


Chris Barry