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App description: EGG HEAD is an arcade platform games.Travel over 40 levles.

psj3809's comments:

This is quite an interesting little platformer. The background behind the story - Jonathan Cauldwell is a talented programmer who creates lots of old ZX Spectrum games (They even release these on tape like the good old days). Hes quite a prolific releaser of Speccy games !

Anyway hes created i think its 5 Egg Head games (Old skool platformer) and someone offered to convert one to iOS. So its basically the same game but with updated graphics/sound etc based on his game as hes given them permission.

Now back in the 80's platformers were like this (Manic Miner came out in 1984 and many other similar games based on that idea followed), graphics/music might have been basic/simple but gameplay was key. It was addictive trying to get all the keys etc and then get to the exit.

Had a quick go of this one on level 1, controls work alright, its a good old skool 80's style platformer, its free so worth a shot. This is what us oldies used to play before the likes of Mario/Sonic came out !

By the way here is the original....