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Graphic Artist needed for iPad game!

01-19-2013, 07:16 AM
Graphic Artist needed for iPad game!

Hi guys,

we want to create a TCG (Trading Card Game) for the iPad, and need a really talented graphic artist to do (almost) all of the graphics.

We are 2 developers that are going to be working full time on the game, but we can only afford our own salary for the time it takes to develop the game.

We want to do a revenue split at 60/40 (Developers / Graphics) from our revenue, so that will give you 40% of our revenue, for the entire lifetime of the game.
If we decide to use the images for a physical board game, you will receive the same cut from our revenue.

The revenue split is this way because of the amount of graphics needed (and the high quality required).

The game will be developed in 2 months, and be iPad exclusive and free 2 play.
Development will start around February 1st and end April 1st (longer if needed).

We have a great game design regarding monetization, and are working on a game story. We already have some of the story in place, but we really want to adapt the story to your preferred artistic style.

We want to create a really unique TCG with PVP and PVM battles, PVP card trading, and a high retention rate. We can do this, but we really need your help, so we can make it look as fantastic as we imagine it.

The style can be everything from dark (Diablo), cartoonish (Kingdom Rush, Clash of Clans), anime, traditional (like a Game of Thrones TCG), or something completely different. We would love to hear your ideas and help each other create a great and compelling story.

The main story in the current layout is revolving around ancient mythology of different regions of the world, but this could all change depending on your preferred style.

For graphics we will need: approximately 200 card illustrations (some of them will only require slight modifications since most of the characters can have multiple levels (Normal, Superior, Rare, Elite).
Scenes: Town screen, Battle screen, Trade screen, Shop screen, Menu screen, Loot screen, and some more.
Other: Buttons, title and all other assets that might be required.

What we require from you:
- You need to be talented and show of some previous high quality work.
- You need to work fast (since we only have 2 months to do this, work needs to be done on time).
- Work on your own and think for yourself (regarding new characters ect).
- A great team player (help us develop the story and stick to the artistic style).
- Skype account.

Sounds like something for you? Then send us a PM and let’s talk!

- Christian
CEO / Developer
We Got Pixels

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