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Indie developer Q&A - Spilt Milk

01-21-2013, 09:48 AM
Indie developer Q&A - Spilt Milk

Hi ya'll!

Just wanted to spread the word about my YouTube channel. hopefully you've at least heard of Hard Lines on iOS, and maybe not so much Crunch: The Game.

Well I'm working with some very talented people on Lazarus for iPad and Smash the Block for iOS, and I was thinking some of you might be interested in the weekly Q&A I do via twitter.

Basically, I answer any questions from twitter, and answer them on video. I recently achieved partner status on YouTube, so from now on I'll be doing them live!

Anyway, here's Series 1, and I've just started Series 02 after a short hiatus.

You can follow me on twitter or just tweet at me to send questions, but hashtagging with #MilkyQA keeps it easy for me to find.

I'll answer almost any question, as long as it's SFW Usually though I cover indie games, game development, I do a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff, and usually show some game footage of my current builds and whatnot.

Of course I shout out to the people who ask me questions or get involved, and it's pretty cool doing it LIVE. Keeps it fresh!

See you there, I hope!

Follow me on twitter: @SpiltMilkStudio
Watch me on YouTube
Our Games: Hard Lines - Crunch: The Game