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Top 25 most downloaded games list

01-25-2013, 11:58 PM
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Top 25 most downloaded games list

Hi I've been working on a most downloaded games list just to see what everyone else is playing.

I've done what I can getting my numbers from gamecenter and xyo.net ( for games that don't rank on gamecenter). But now I need your guys input.

Know any games that can knock any off this top list then I want to know them, just please provide numbers and source please. ( eg game x, 10 million , gamecenter

Anyway here's the list. Numbers are in millions rounded up or down to the closest 100,000

Temple run - 57.5
Words with friends free - 54.2
Draw something free - 38.1
Angry birds - 26.1
Subway surfers - 24.2
Jetpack joyride - 24.0
Angry birds free - 21.0
Temple run 2 - 19.8
Fruit ninja - 19.5
Scramble with friends 14.2
Solitaire - 13.0
Angry bird seasons - 12.9
CSR racing - 12.4
Doodle jump - 12.3
Solitaire - 12.2
Fruit ninja free - 11.9
Cut the rope - 11.2
Bejewelled blitz - 10.8
Hanging with friends free - 10.5
Angry birds rio - 9.7
Bike race free - 8.8
Cut the rope free - 8.0
Words with friends - 7.7
Angry birds seasons free - 7.5
Angry birds space - 7.5

These are the numbers as of time of writing so they will most likely change over time so I'll try to update as often as I can. I'm highly sceptical of the bottom portion of my list so hopefully some people can help make this list more accurate.

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01-26-2013, 12:19 AM
CTRL+F: Wake the Cat - 0 found
CTRL+F: Best game ever - 0 found


Well now I have the obligation to direct you towards Wake the Cat. By my estimation, the cute factor, multiplied by the amount of smiles the game will give the average person every play session, to the power of the quantity of times people have said "Awwww" whilst playing the game... it should have sold around 79 million copies. Give or take a couple thousand.