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JayWalking, "Don't Be Chicken"...(indie game)

01-26-2013, 10:46 AM
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JayWalking, "Don't Be Chicken"...(indie game)

Hi all, I'm an independent developer and I've just releasing my first mobile game app "JayWalking" it's a simple and fun arcade type game....Available now for android and in a couple of weeks for iPhone, iPad...hope you can try it out and enjoy it! My wife and two kids (12 & 10 years) had a blast testing and getting it up and going....any helpful feedback would be great, I'm planning on working on a few games this year and learning the ropes...cheers.

Here's my youtube video of the gameplay....thanks for looking.


Don't be Chicken!!! Farmer Dan wants chicken for dinner tonight so you need to escape FAST!! Your only escape is to JayWalk across a busy highway...sounds easy but it will become harder as Farmer Dan puts up obstacles to avoid losing all his chickens!!!

This fast paced game requires your best finger reflexes as each level becomes faster, harder and more challenging. Grab PowerUP'S and keep track of your best escape times as surprises await throughout the 24 levels of action and fun....enjoy!

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