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App description: Design your Ugly a hapless, adorably ugly creature with the intellect of a block of wood then dominate the gene pool, one bump at a time!

Encounter vortexes, wind tunnels, rotating wheels, moving walls, pinball bumpers, spring-loaded traps, button puzzles and more as you fling your Ugly through 45 crazy-fun, puzzley worlds!

When you conquer each world and bump the Ugly that lives there, magical things happen and you get a gaggle of Bumplings with a goofy combination of traits from both Uglies.

Choose from tons and tons of cool parts to change your Ugly's look at any time! Collect all the Shineys in each world and spend them on special parts for your Ugly, and on awesome Boosts to help with even the most challenging obstacles!

Bumpin' Uglies: Gene Pool Domination