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Get the High Score by Pegging People with Donuts!

Game Features:
-Throw Different kinds of donuts including Glazed, Jelly, Crème filled, and Donut Holes
-Earn a Slingshot and Donut Hole Machine Gun!
-Close out each day by Pegging your final Wave of Customers
-Earn Donut Coins and Power ups with Headshots and Completed Objectives
-Simple Flick and Tilt controls that are easy to use
-Game Center Leaderboard
-Complete Objective List to Compete with your Friends
-Amazing HD Retina Graphics
All was good in the hood, until the Donutski familys Donut Shop is overpowered by the big, bad Donut World that shoots up next door. The Donutski family, saddened and maddened by losing their customers to these corporate bullies, decides to get even, one donut at a time! SPLAT, SPLOOSH, SPLASH! Mama and Papa D. take their surplus of donuts to the streets, and begin chucking them at any unsuspecting fool trying to enter the Donut World. If Mama and Papa aint happy, aint nobody happy!

***Regular Content Updates with New Levels, Characters, and Weapons coming soon!!***

Imagine taking a leisurely stroll down the street one day, only to get nailed in face by a gooey DONUT!! Well, lucky for you, you get to be the one doing the throwing! You start with 3 lives, and will earn points for each person you wallop with a donut. Extra Donut Coins will be awarded for head shots. You lose a life if you hit a safe citizen. That is, a police officer, an old woman, a woman with a stroller, or a priest. Hey, you gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

New board settings will be made available as coin goals are reached. You can earn a donut gun or sling shot for high score play, as well as better ammunition. If you think popping somebody in the face with a glazed donut is nasty, try doing it with a powdered, jelly, creme-filled, or bear claw donut. Better yet, go for GOLD and gain a donut hole machine gun and see what happens. Can you say Game Changer !?!

So, there you have it. Donut Wars! Get the high score, be a hero, and brag to your friends.

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NowBranded Mobile's comments:
Hi everyone,

My name is Gregory Scott, and I am Now Branded Mobile. Donut Wars is our first title released into the AppStore for iPhone and iPad. I'm excited to be part of the community, and making new, original games. Hope you enjoy our fun, little game!


In this whacky third-person shooter-style adventure, you play as an angry mom and pop donut shop owner out for vengeance against the corporately own Donut World. Your mission, prevent anyone from going to Donut World by pasting them with the glazed glories you have left, but avoid hitting police officers and getting caught. The game features vibrant 3-D graphics, a bouncy soundtrack, tilt and touch controls, three levels, two weapons, and Game Center integration.