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App description: Big business may have a friendly face but behind the kindness these companies compete for market share and revenue, embrace the evil in this unique turn based number puzzle game where you compete against friends, foes and random opponents online for business supremacy.

Play against opponents online or right beside you for experience points to improve your level and unlock more items. Learn essential strategies to win, the game has a very natural learning curve so you can perform well as a beginner or someone who knows the game as intricately as chess masters.

The goal of the game is simple, take turns placing 2 blocks on a 5 x 5 grid, the placement of those blocks will affect who controls the blocks around them, if a block is of a lower value you can take control of it depending on its location. The person who has the most blocks in their control when all spaces are filled is the winner.

>> 1.00 Features <<

* 9 Unlockable modifer(green) blocks which all have different abilities
* Heaps of blocks in rotation for your decks
* 6 Unlockable deck standards to allow for different play styles
* Create lines of defense to block your opponents
* Online multiplayer with invite / matchmaking / rematch options
* Local multiplayer so you can play with the person right beside you on the same device
* Puzzle mode with 30 mind bending puzzles to work through and more to come soon
* Stat tracking, see your level, xp and wins / losses / draws
* Game center achievements and leaderboards
* Automatic iCloud syncing of stats
* Track your awards for levelling up
* Share your matches with friends via social media to brag about your win
* Designed to look great on every device that supports iOS6
* "Premium Pack" making you a premium member to get all special features and remove the level cap and all future content
* "XP Doubler" This item will allow you to fasttrack your levelling with twice the regular rate of XP generation from matches
* Get in early on a progressive game where new decks, blocks, modifier blocks, puzzles will be released frequently.

northy179's comments:

Hope you guys enjoy, I would really appreciate any feedback.

The game is free so no reason not to try it out.

I apologise if anyone finds the mechanics too simple but i'm considering this a "stage 1" release before introducing too many new and conflicting gameplay elements. We had a lot of fun beta testing it though and I hope you will too!

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