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TIlt to Live and Punch Quest

02-07-2013, 11:27 PM
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TIlt to Live and Punch Quest

Both of these games seem to be much loved by the TA community, but im just not understanding why:

In tilt to live, it feels like i don't have full control over the arrow, i often feel like i either overcompensate or don't tilt enough. I hate the fact that i can't play in both landscape AND potrait mode, it seems like it should be easy to have this, and would make playing feel less awkward. I also don't like the fact that after it calibrates the position of the device, i feel like i cannot change my position, else totally lose control over my character.

In punch quest, i simply don't understand why everyone is so enthralled, and i absolutely adore endless runners. ive played the game maybe 45 minutes total, and it was a struggle. it seemed all i was doing was continuously tapping the bottom edges of the screen with absolutely no skill involved. quite frankly, it was boring.

Im posting this because i feel i may be missing out on two great games, if i am correct in my evaluation of these two games, so be it; but if it's possible to change an aspect of the game, or take a different perspective in order to enjoy it more, ill gladly take advice.
02-08-2013, 02:50 AM
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You only seem to be complaining about controls in Tilt to live, which I don't understand. You can customize the accelerometer controls and with that, I can't see why you can't play in portrait mode. Tilt to live is known as one of the best games with accelerometer controls, so maybe it's just you. Maybe you're not used to accelerometer in general.

I'll have to agree on Punch quest though. I found it boring very quickly. I just dont think that endless runners should merge with other genres, because it takes the simplicity of a runner and the complicated side of an RPG away. And that's why I can't find anything good in Punch quest.