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iPad: Atlantis Breaker - Coming to the App store on Feb 15th

02-13-2013, 10:44 AM
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Atlantis Breaker - Coming to the App store on Feb 15th

Have you heard of Crabistotle, the crab philosopher?

If you travel around Greece and you’re lucky enough to have a close chat with one of the old men sitting at the village tavern, you may learn about the ancient legend of Atlantis.
While traveling around the world, my friend and I decided to look for the interesting “untold” stories that the being passed by the locals from father to son. The stories we heard in Greece were the catalyst for creating Atlantis Breaker several years later. Stories about breathtaking buildings, merchant ships, fabulous market place with an unbelievable variety of products and also of destruction and oblivion.
One of the things that I had to find online was a quote an old men mentioned “...And the island of Atlantis which was greater than Africa and Asia, as Plato says in the Timaeus, in one day and night was overwhelmed beneath the sea in consequence of an extraordinary earthquake and inundation and suddenly disappeared, becoming sea, not indeed navigable, but full of gulfs and eddies.” (Philo, On the Eternity of the World, 1st century AD)

Several years have passed and we established Teva Games. It was clear to us that the stories that we heard in Greece must come to life in one of our games. The decision to create a brick breaker version of the story was inevitable. According to the legend, Atlantis is out there beneath billions of gallons of sea water, unreachable to mankind. However we are almost certain that Atlantis right now, in Atlantis, there are “new” residents swimming and swarming around the ancient ruins. Atlantis Breaker is our way of remembering Atlantis and its glory, from the point of view of Crabistotle, the crab philosopher.

Atlantis Breaker will hit the App Store on February 15th. If you are interested in promo codes we have only 5 left!!!, email us at tevagames@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to provide one.
For a sneak peek at Atlantis Breaker, here are some screenshots:


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02-13-2013, 11:10 AM
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