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Game Center problems

02-15-2013, 06:57 AM
Game Center problems

Hey everyone,

It's a new issue for me since some days ago, but game center does not register ANY of my achievements... I'm playing Infinite Blade at the moment, and although I got a lot of achivements, they do not appear in Game Center.

Also, if I click on the Achivements and Leaderboards buttons in the game, it takes me to the active challanges list, and not to the corresponding pages.

Does this happen to anyone else? I do not care that much about game center, but this bugs me a bit. I had some billing problems with my last purchase, and I thought Apple has suspended my account, but I have resolved the issue, and Game Center stayed the same.
02-15-2013, 12:14 PM
What about the other games, any problem with them ?

I had a similar problem with fragger but it was a game related problem not an issue from Game Center
02-17-2013, 06:47 AM
Well, other games are doing the same. It's interesting though, because as for Infinity Blade, Game Center says that I have 0/64 achivements, but when I look at the actual list, the ones I've done are shown as finished.

Well, I logged out of GC now, and playing without achivements. I don't really care about it that much now. :-)