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App description: Atlantis Hunter is an addicting puzzle adventure and simulation game with innovative gameplay, amazing dragon simulation, and customized guild building. Come and enjoy this fascinating journey.

Over 300 dragon species to be summoned just for YOU
Hundreds of distinct spirit monsters and goddess are waiting here and dying for joining your guild to battle and gain glory with you

Puzzle + Simulation
You can challenge UNLIMITED dungeons with limited resources by customizing your troop, upgrading and reincarnating your dragons! Come and download Dragons of Dungeons to enjoy the fun of strategic customization adventure.

Realism Gorgeous Artistic Style
Solely unique match clearance gameplay is OUT, but combined with unprecedented magical splendid gorgeous artistic style, YOU can experience awesome adventure, ONLY in Dragons of Dungeons.

Plenty of dungeons to challenge. Plus, therere TIME-LIMITED dungeons as well
Step-by-step main quest, tricky needed time-limited dungeons, unlimited challenge give you endless fun! Dominate the battle; build your own dragon empire!

More fun, with more help from friends
You can choose one friend or adventurer for each battle. More powerful your friends leader dragon is, more benefit youll gain. Youre not alone!!

Classic characters are awaiting
Warrior! Wizard! Minotaur! Paladin!
Smashing eggs! Get classic characters as allies! YOU can challenge more dungeons with their UNIQUE skills.

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