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those terrible freemiums :)

02-16-2013, 02:12 PM
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those terrible freemiums :)

came across this article about scammers. written in 2010:

we’ve come across a number of what we would call “App Farms” in iTunes being used to scam users out of their money.

"an app developer with 45 Games, many are clones that only differ by the number of “points” they offer. The quality of Storm 8′s games are definitely above any of the other scammy apps listed above, the company has been around a year and has a strong following however there is something very suspicious about the pricing for various in-game purchases of points. The developer hands out its games for free (or very little) and then uses the in-game points purchases to make its money, often charging up to $150 for in-game points purchased. You can see the cost of some of the points purchases to the right."

it is a bit fun.. what was scamming 3 years ago is now the most used way for big companies to pay their salaries