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App description: The Revolutionary War is over, or IS it? It looks like some of our enemies have come back from the dead! Help patriot Nathaniel Crane save his sweetheart, Constance Merriweather, from the evil King George and his horde of zombie kitten redcoats.

First battle Benedict Kitty, and his redcoat kitten zombies. Clear this level and journey underground to fight Lord Cornwallis Scarecrow and his Kittyquios warrors. After defeating Cornwallis, venture back above ground for an epic face-off with the evil King George. Defeat George and be reunited with Constance. Hopefully you saved townsfolk along the way!

In this scrolling shooter game, you shoot kitten zombies, rat zombies, turkey zombies, and their leaders: Benedict Kitty, Lord Cornwallis Scarecrow, and the Evil Rat King George.