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iPhone: D.O.T(Defender of Texel) problem.

02-18-2013, 04:06 PM
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D.O.T(Defender of Texel) problem.

Ok first of all...in case anyone does play it...please enter this invite ID:

Second, for some reason, D.O.T won't start up or keeps bringing me back to the home screen on my iphone after finishing the tutorials. It works just fine on my ipad, not that I have any problems or conflicts on playing on the ipad. It's just it's a shared ipad and I don't get to use that very often. On my phone however, i've tried deleting a few things and got my memory storage up to 2gb available and its all up to date. Reinstalled the game and finished the tutorial. Right after i tap the screen where it says "Tap to login", it just crashes or brings me to the home screen..
Does it not like iphones for any particular reasons?