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4 in a Row Pals - Social Board game (Universal)

02-18-2013, 10:15 PM
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4 in a Row Pals - Social Board game (Universal)

Do you still remember the classic board game 4 in a Row?Ally Games bring you an all-new social board game Ė 4 in a Row Pals.
Maybe you have heard about Chess with Friends by Zynga, 4 in a Row Pals is similar to it. It lets you play 4 in a row with a turn-based gameplay. You are allowed to do any other things while playing under turn-based gameplay. Whatís more, you can play dozens of games with different people simultaneously.
In 4 in a Row Pals, you can chat with your friends while playing, and push notification will tell you when itís your turn. Android devices are also supported, so you can play with Android friends too.

There are many ways to start a new game:
a). Login with Facebook account, you can play with friends.
b). Add friends through his email or user name to begin.
c). If you have no friends in game, it doesnít matter, random game can help to find you a player to challenge.
d). If you want to challenge with different levels, you can choose practice mode, it enable you to play with computer, 3 difficulties: easy, med, hard
e). With Pass and Play Mode, your friends and you can play a game on the same device.

4 in a Row is a casual and strategic game, you just to make the 4 pieces in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally before opponent. The game is simple but not easy to master.
There are many 4 in a row games in app store, but 4 in a Row Pals will give you a new experience! You can play with Facebook friends or random opponent online, and in local game you can challenge computer in 3 levels and network are not required.
02-19-2013, 03:27 AM
Look interesting.

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