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App description: Do you have 60 seconds to fart on your friends phone, taunt them into a quick battle and destroy their pride? Then you have time for Mini MATCH!

Picture this
Your buddy down the hall gets a huge kick out of sending you rude e-mails hoping youll get busted. Its time to pay him back. The cute girl from Marketing is walking by his desk when his phone lets out a huge catcall whistle Youve just sent him a challenge of Mini MATCH!

Mini MATCH lets you choose your opponent. Pick a taunt to push to their phone, egging them on to accept your challenge. Select from a collection of mini games to crush your enemies (or friends depending on how you wanna look at it.) Domination earns you coins to unlock additional taunts, games and perks (power ups.) Back hand your friends ego, put them in their place and get back to work within a minute!

Mini MATCH is the perfect distraction for the workplace, school detention or your in-laws Christmas party. Commercial break during time-out of the Big Game, make things really interesting with a Mini MATCH!

Select a Friend through Facebook or Game Center connections.
Select a Game like Tap Attack, Hoops, or Bug Smash.
Select a Taunt such as Toilet, Fart or Karate Chop, then use Push Notifications to blow up your friends phone.
Use Mini MATCH Coins to unlock more options and keep game play and embarrassment fresh.

worstoo's comments:
I hope you guys like this one.

My new game Mini Match is a mini game collection that lets you challenge your friends to spontaneous real-time mini game battles. You start off by sending a push notification challenge, and if they accept, you are immediately thrown into a game. You can pick from various challenge sounds, so if you want to set off a fart noise on your friend's phone you can do it with this…

You earn coins by wining matches, with those you can buy more sounds, mini games, and perks (power ups.)

I spent about a year putting this together with a close friend, I hope you like it!

Website Link: http://www.minimatchgame.com