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App description: **Was $4.99 now FREE for a LIMITED TIME**
- *New* Prizes given away on almost EVERY Holiday!
- *New* Win MILLIONS of Chips in our Daily LOTTO Jackpot!
- *New* Win prizes for earning Chips and Gold and making the Front Page of the Hotel Room NEWSPAPER.
- *New* The Person who earns the most Chips for the day is given the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BELT to hold for a whole day until the next Champion is selected!
- *New* The Person who earns the most Gold for the day is given the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BELT to hold for a whole day until the next Champion is selected!
- *New* All new Hotel Room Designs, more visually comfortable to the eye!
- *New* Now able to send Chips to your friends and other casino guest at the tables.
- *New* Exclusive Meme Avatars available for a limited time!
- *New* Use Gold to purchase more Lotto Tickets and Increase your chances to win the Daily Lotto Jackpot.
- *New* Collect Reward Points and use them to DOUBLE ALL YOU WINNINGS EVEN THE LOTTO JACKPOT!
- Play games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots with thousands of other Hotel & Casino Guest and send them power ups and skyrocket your way to BILLIONS!
- Get Hotel Rooms with all your friends and hit the casino floor showing off your new toys.
- Over 9 different tables to unlock!

"A Casino isn't just the games it's the experience, Stay winning my friends"

**Get In Contact With Us:**
Email: Customerservice@skyhighcasino.us
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SkyHighCasino
Twitter: www.twitter.com/SkyHighLola
Website: www.skyhighcasino.us

**For all business dealings shoot me an email to:**

HappyBirds's comments:
Lola: What excites you about this app?

Jarred Davis (App Creator): I feel like we introduce a whole new world with Sky High Casino! From the moment players step foot into our casino they get to go through the whole experience of getting a hotel room, meeting up with their friends & family members, and hitting the casino floor with them. It all really feels like a vacation away from your daily life! No matter how far away you are from your family and friends your all connected in this one hotel in your phone. It's feels unreal! Imagine being able to travel to another world with all your friends just by the push of one icon on your phone. I get excited just thinking about linking up with my own friends and family and playing with each other while we are separated by our daily lives.
I have to say one of my favorite features is the Newspaper. I have a feeling you will probably see it in a lot of games after this because it is an innovative way to present the boring high scores. Temple run found an innovative way by putting markers in the game to break the high scores of your friends, or maybe doodle jump did it first, I'm not sure. Anyway, with my app I went a different route and did something completely new to the high scores. Reporters go around to everybody in the casino and collects who is winning the most chips and gold for that current day and updates the newspaper live every second of the day telling you the hot stories and what your family and friends are up to. Then the next day starts it all over again! I love how everyday is a completely new experience in my app then the last day. The newspaper is always updating so you will almost never see the same thing in it. I could keep myself entertained in my app just by looking at the newspaper and seeing who's killing it at the tables!
Overall I'm mostly excited because I want to actually join in on the fun and start playing and meeting random people while playing the games I love. Sending them power ups and having an amazing time at the tables.
Sky High Casino has something for everybody. The people who just like to stop by occasionally and play a couple casino games they can do that, and the people who want to be an active part of this community it has a lot to offer them. And no matter which type of player you are you will be the ones who make Season Two even better by leaving your comments on what you would like to see in the next season and rate it by how much you really want to see it. 5 Stars meaning the app really needs it and 1 star meaning it's not that important. I am always reading those reviews, there's always something I can learn from others!

Enjoy your pocket vacation!

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Here's 3 promo codes enjoy guys!
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Originally Posted by Shill account by the dev View Post
Having fun with it so far, its so addicting! I like how it doesn't force you to buy like other apps, and even gives you a paycheck daily.
Thanks man!

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