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Add aemula games for me- 15usd reward

02-26-2013, 05:35 PM
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Add aemula games for me- 15usd reward

Hi guys. I love dos games since i played them since i were a kid. There is now a ipad and iphone emulator in the app store called aemula oldies.
There has been hacking on this emulator allowing us to add games to it.
I need someone to hack more games into the list. I own alot of dos games and love to extend the list with all games i own(wich are like 15). If you can help me get them to that list id be buying you some beers by transferring some money with paypal. Or if you dont have those id also be happy to gift you some app store games/apps.
Since i tried but cant do this, i want to ask the community.
I dont think this falls under the rules of "selling", but ofc real money is involved for completing my favour. If thats not appropiate, please delete the topic then il recreate it and ask no money. But i miss the games on dos ...

So contact me if you wanna help
The reward will be 15 dollar if you help me get all 15 games in the list.(paypal)

Here is the tutorial on how do this:
http://forums.toucharcade.com/showpo...&postcount=494 i tried but i couldnt get it working.
Its both for the ipad and iphone version of aemula and i can provide the game folders.