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App description: Finally! What weve all been waiting for... a robot pirate-themed MMO! Take on the role of Pirate Captain, build your ship, build your crew! Head out to pirate infested waters to attack other real world players and plunder their hard earned salvage to better your ship!

Its a real MMO!
Collect salvage to build a mighty pirate ship!
Take real risks against real players. Their loss is your gain!
Soooo many weapons to build!
Dice-based combat!
Its real time! So while youre away, your robot crew will defend the ship until you get back.
02-28-2013, 02:28 PM
I love the little pirate robots and art style in general. As for the gameplay, not so much yet. So far the gist of the game is diving for resources, building up your raft, and fighting other players. The combat relies on rolling 6 sided die and trying to get higher rolls than your opponent. The diving and building portions involve a hell of a lot of timers; which of course leads to paying to speed things up. I'm personally not a fan of playing games just to watch several little timers counting down. I'd rather just pay a flat fee or a subscription and be able to play the game. So this one, despite it's awesome little pirates, probably won't hold my attention much longer.
02-28-2013, 10:41 PM
This definitely has similar vibe to Clash of Clans. Except its way more gratifying pounding someone who is higher level than you. Since its all dice rolls. I am not sure about diamonds but the gold does drop from the salvage mini game.

Coordinator @ Fat Thunder