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iPhone: QuizEnglsih Questions-Answers

02-28-2013, 04:56 PM
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QuizEnglsih Questions-Answers


Touch answer correctly before raindrops disappear.
Individual highscore section to improve yourself in every game you begin to play.
Easy to use.
If you are wrong ,QuizEnglish give you the right answer in colour Green.

Entertaining game with many issues
Aquatic bright colors for a more relaxing when you are playing.

Enjoy playing this magnificent Quiz questions and answers in which you'll learn about many issues.

-Field Soccer
-Capitals of the world
-Capitals of Europe
-Languages to Learn
-Correct word

Separate scores for each section chosen.
Answer the questions correctly but hurry because time is running out .... drops rather slowly disappear until you pass automatically to the next question.

Spend the questions you do not know will not lose marks.

- Time for each question
- 50 points for success
- 10 points for every drop without consuming
- 10 points less for failure.
- Colour Green = Right Answer
- Colour Red = Wrong Answer

Link Here :