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iPhone: Catorize - magic world goes!

03-01-2013, 03:20 PM
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Catorize - magic world goes!

Catorize is the arcade game that is bound to carry you away to the magical world of the good and the bad where you will meet the main hero of the story. Find out how you can become a part of the greatest heroic event and help to make the world bright and cheerful place to live in!

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Now some history:

In a land of sparkling colours lives a little cat. He spends serenely day by day. Today he's playing with the pair of flamboyant lovely butterflies that are circling around him and creating swirl of dazzling colours. Then sweet drowsiness gently overcomes our little friend and he takes a nap.

While he was sleeping something horrible has happened... All the colours of the world have been mysteriously stolen. Imagine how surprised the cat looks now!

Awakening from his peaceful dreams the cat realises that something has gone wrong and all the charms of glistening world of magic has faded away. Our friend got worried.

The colours of the world have changed into grey making everything sad and unhappy. Little cat asked himself in a despair what he can do?

There is no time for panic and time for action has come! That is the conclusion that our fearless hero came to. He went to discover nearby territory. Full of enthusiasm and resolution the cat jumps again and again.

Suddenly the cat falls into the pit. In a state of extreme fear little cat falls into unknown...

The poor little thing finds itself in a scary cave. He takes look around and what he sees...

Luckily he meets Spirit of Life who can tell him who has stolen all the colours. There is a hope that evil creature that was on the run has left some stains of stolen paint after himself. Oh triumph! Our hero is beaming with happiness!

Now there is a journey full of adventures and danger that waits for little cat. The hero has to find the traces of colours pick them up and paint the world... Little savior is the one who is bound to bring cheerful and bright colours back o to the world.

Control the power of jump with one click or finger touch.
Change direction to help the cat catch the colour.


The resident of the magnificently wonderful world is waiting for your help! If you are fond of unusual stories from the magic world that take you to the atmosphere of kindness and fascination than you must have this game!

Release: first half 2013 year
Platforms: iOS, Android, PC, MacOS, Linux
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Catorize

You can support us project on Steam Greenlight.

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Thanks for all support!

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