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iPhone: Bee Swarms War

03-02-2013, 05:38 AM
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Bee Swarms War

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Apple iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id605298467

Bee Swarms War - Amazingly Enjoyable Mobile Game

Get ready to create your own empire of bee hives. Bee swarms is your gateway to multiplying your own network and kingdom. It is a simple, innovative game that brings the best of fun possible.

Own Beehive
You start with your own beehive in green. The green beehive is always yours. There are beehives that are empty in orange. You simply put your fingers over your beehive and then slide the finger across to the empty orange beehive to send bees to the empty one to capture it and make it yours. Once it is captured, the orange beehive will also turn green indicating that it belongs to you now. Alternately, you can send all the bees at once from one hive to another by double clicking on your green beehive and then sliding the finger across to the destination beehive.

Enemy Beehive
Now, there are enemy beehives too. They are red, yellow or purple in color. You need to capture them by sending bees from your green beehives to the enemy beehives the same way you send bees to empty beehives. Number of bees sent from your beehive to another would create equal amount of bees in that hive or reduce an equal number of bees from the target hive (for an enemy beehive).

But your enemy will also send bees. So in order to win, send more bees than your enemy. To send more bees at one time, just hold on your finger for 2-3 seconds on your beehive before sliding your finger to the target beehive.

You can also send bees from more than one of your beehives to a target beehive. Simply select more than one of your beehives by putting your finger on one green beehive and immediately sliding your finger to another green and then send the bees to the target beehive from both the sources. You have to capture all beehives in order to complete a level.

While it starts with easy tasks by capturing one empty beehive and capturing one enemy beehive, as the levels go up, task becomes harder with number of empty and enemy beehives going up too. As the number of beehives to be captured goes up, you have to keep a sharp eye and respond quickly as your enemy beehives too try to capture the empty beehives as well as your beehives.

You have to look out for enemy attacks and respond quickly, and find ways for your beehive spread in green to capture all. So go ahead; go green!