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App description: Heist and Run is a casual action and racing game that puts you inside a crazy car moving in a pre-apocalyptic world streets, running from the police and gathering items along the road, while trying to avoid others cars.

In endless tracks, just keep your eyes on the road, manage to take down the cops while dodging other vehicles and compete on the time-distance difficulty levels. Perform sliding rifts and tricks to gain coins, tackle multiple cops at once and take sharp turns to lead in Heist and Run.

Use the accelerometer to control the car or simply tap on the left side or right side to switch between the three lanes. Crash your car three times and the games over (you can get more chances with in-game store).


In a non distant future, humanity finds itself in an economic collapse. Big corporations install a new government system, getting almost all resources that is left in the world, leaving people with nothing. The misery spread around the globe and any tries of rebellion is repelled with terrible aggression.

But, when people lost their hope, a renegade hero appears to save the world, in search of redemption, justice...and a bunch of coins.

Now, James Carbon, some kind of 'Robin Hood' in four wheels, challenges the private police of these big corps, recovering all the money that should belong to the population...the streets of Danger City will never be the same.


Cartoon 'stylized' graphics
Many different pre-apocalyptic cars
Buy awesome cars from the garage
Collect coins and use them to buy upgrades
Dynamic traffic
Get coins for performing stunning tricks
Procedural roads
Road coins procedurally generated
Casual endless tracks with time-distance difficulty
Universal build (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
Supercharged cars
Powerful casual racing
Attractive gameplay
Free to play, no ads whatsoever

Its casual racing taken to the next level with an attractive concept put in place that makes your car the center of attention in the world of Heist and Run. Get going quick and put your turns in order.


- More languages
- Many kind of obstacles
- More roads tracks
- More cars
- Missions and more...


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